Türkiye'de deri ve kürk giyim mağazaları zinciri

A chain of leather and fur clothing shops in Turkey

You'll find luxurious natural fur coats and stylish leather jackets, elegant calfskin mackintoshes, fur coats, and sheepskin coats on both sides - all of which are available in Turkey.

The showrooms of the premium manufacturer are waiting for you!

We sell stylish clothing created at Istanbul Leather Fur tannery in Zeytinburnu district and sewn from furs purchased at worldwide fur auctions.

The outerwear collections in genuine leather and fur are created for women and men.

Türkiye'deki tatil köylerinden kürk mantolar ve deri ceketler satın alın

Buy fur coats and leather jackets at resorts in Turkey

While enjoying your holiday in Turkey, get a bargain on fur coats, leather jackets and mackintoshes. Many collections are discounted from stock.

We work from the manufacturer and give you the opportunity to order the product of a unique design in your own size. We customize the outerwear we like from stock to the customer's size in 2-3 days.

We have network of showrooms in business and resorts of Turkey: Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Side, Marmaris.

Türkiye'de kadınlar için kürk mantolar

Fur coats for women in Turkey

Fur and leather clothes for women are presented on 4 floors of the shopping centre. You will find beautiful natural fur coats and elegant sheepskin coats for women, women's leather jackets and mackintoshes.

Sable fur coats and mink fur coats are always popular with our beautiful female customers, who prefer high quality and status. 

Chinchilla fur coats, lynx fur coats and fox fur coats are for the lovers of luxurious looks. Karakul and astragan fur coats, as well as fur coats, create an elegant and modern look for the modern lady.

Double-sided sheepskin coats and fur jackets are designed for a dynamic life in the metropolis.

Fur coats in Istanbul

Fur coats in Antalya

Fur coats in Kemer

Fur coats in Alanya

Fur coats in Side

Fur coats in Marmaris

Deri mackintoshes ve kürk ceketler

Leather mackintoshes and fur jackets


Men's jackets are the most popular, high-quality and practical outerwear for men, which you can buy in Turkey. Our shops from the manufacturer offer leather and fur jackets for men for all seasons: lightweight summer versions of thin leather or suede, with and without perforations; jackets with fur and leather trim, designed for cool weather, demi-season and winter models.

Double-sided jackets look very stylish and fashionable, allowing you to change your image in a matter of seconds. Their inner side can be fur, suede or fabric, while the outer side is made of genuine leather. Or is it the other way round?

Classic men's leather mackintoshes and wool coats with fur are a great solution to set the right style for business men and a reliable protection against bad weather.

Designer finishing of men's models is very diverse - weaving, embroidery, leather details and accessories. Discounts up to 30%, manufacturer's warranty 2 years

Kadınlar için deri kıyafetler

Leather clothing for women

Italian designers and craftsmen of the leather and fur factory in Istanbul have jointly developed new collections of elegant and practical leather women's clothing.

Double-sided sheepskin coats for women and double-sided leather and fur jackets for women are models at the peak of fashion, very practical and versatile.

Long leather coats and elegant coats made of cashmere and alpaca wool with fur are suitable for business and stylish ladies.

In our shops you will always find models to suit your image and lifestyle.

Leather jackets in Istanbul

Leather jackets in Antalya

Leather jackets in Kemer

Leather jackets in Alanya

Leather jackets in Side

Leather jackets in Marmaris    

Ödeme seçenekleri

Payment options

Buy your fur coats and leather clothing using a variety of payment options.

- Pay in cash when you visit our shops. We will recommend you the exchange office with the most favourable rate

- pay by Visa, MasterCard, Mir of most banks

. We do not sell clothes online via the online shop, as we only use real fur and leather. That is why each product is different and needs to be tried on individually.

For your convenience, we provide completely free transfers from anywhere in Turkey at any time without any obligation to make a purchase.

We do our best to satisfy you:

We do our best to satisfy you - buy products both wholesale and retail

- we will help you with delivery

- the ability to pay at the hotel

And best of all: we offer affordable prices!

Yüksek düzeyde hizmet

A high level of service

- Convenient pick-up and drop-off - free round-trip comfortable shuttle service

- Individual tailoring to your measurements with a unique design

- Fitting a product on the size of 2-3 days

- Russian speaking consultants

Esnek fiyat politikası

Flexible price policy

- Furs and leathers can be bought in bulk or retail

- We provide discounts on selected collections from stock

- You save up to 40% on comparable leather and fur garments compared to European and Russian prices

Bring home a luxurious fur gift from Turkey for yourself and your loved ones!

Toptan müşteriler

Wholesale customers

To buy wholesale fur coats, sheepskin coats and leather jackets from Istanbul Leather Fur, contact us via What'sUp or Telegram.

We arrange factory tours to the tannery and furry shop for our wholesale customers.

Our coats, mackintoshes and jackets in leather and fur are sold in small and medium bulk.

Terms and conditions and prices will be determined individually.

Dış giyim fabrika üretimi

Factory production of outerwear

- Natural fur coats and leather jackets are manufactured in Istanbul by Istanbul Leather Fur according to sketches by Italian designers. We can arrange an excursion to the factory so that you can assess the quality of our production

- Our factory is equipped according to European standards. Tailoring is carried out according to modern technologies, using imported materials and accessories.

- Fur and leather garments from our production is very durable, beautiful and long lasting

- Product warranty 2 years

Deri giyim eşyası imalatı

Manufacture of leather clothing

What kind of leather is used in outerwear manufacturing?

Natural leather is an excellent material for outerwear. It provides good wind protection, rain protection, moisture wicking, and heat retention.

- Different types of leather are used for different clothing designs. They differ in terms of the workmanship and processing of the raw leather.

- Handmade leather jackets and mackintoshes

Kürk müzayedelerinden satın alınan doğal kürkler

Natural furs purchased at fur auctions

The furs have been purchased at fur auctions and are labelled:

- Fur coats made of mink, sable, chinchilla, lynx, fox, karakul are made of divorced and industrial furs purchased at world famous fur auctions Soyuzpunina, American Legend, NAFA, Kopenhagen Fur, SAGA FURS

- Furs are marked with fabric quality labels and are labelled Sobol, Blackglama, American Legend mink, NAFA, Kopenhagen Fur, LUMI ROYAL, ROYAL, SUPERIOR

Türkiye'de deri ceketler, koyun derisi montlar ve kürk mantolar

Leather jackets, sheepskin coats and fur coats in Turkey

How to visit our leather and fur shops in Turkey?

- Message us on Whats'Up or call us on Tel:+90 535 260 48 77

- Tell us the city, hotel name and number of people

- Choose a convenient time for your visit

- We will send a complimentary air conditioned transfer for you

- We will take you to the shop and return you to your hotel or other resort location free of charge

Let your shopping experience in Turkey be enjoyable and rewarding!