Natural fox fur coats for women, buy in shops in Turkey from the manufacturer

Türkiye'de tilki kürkü nereden alınır?

Where to buy fox fur coats in Turkey?

You can buy a genuine fox fur coat in our network of Istanbul Leather Fur shops in all the resort towns of Turkey:

İstanbul, Antalya , Alanya, Marmaris, Side, Kemer.

A fox fur coat is a beautiful, practical and long-lasting winter garment. Fox fur coats have been known in Russia for centuries, and have not lost their relevance in modern life. Products from fox fur regularly grace the catwalks of the most famous fashion houses. And no wonder, because fox fur is beautiful, effective and perfectly combined with other materials. Fox fur coats are popular with both very young girls and well-groomed adult ladies.

Production of natural fox fur coats

Fur coats are manufactured at Istanbul Leather Fur from breeding and commercial fox skins. All fur garments are labelled with quality labels. Turkish fur shops can offer very attractive prices compared to Europe and Russia - fur coats are 25-30% cheaper.

Fox fur coats are not yet as common in Russia, so fashionistas who cannot stand the monotony can really stand out and attract admiring looks by buying a fox fur coat for their wardrobe.

Tilki kürkünün bireyselliği ve benzersizliği

The uniqueness of fox fur

Fox fur has a completely unique texture that is striking in its diversity. By mixing different textures in one garment, it is possible to create real works of art.

A wide range of colours for fox fur coats.
The variety of foxes is so great that fox fur comes in a surprisingly wide range of colours and shades. The red fox fur is fiery fur with grey undercoat, the mink has several shades of silver-black fur, the Burgundy has brownish red fur, and the Arctic fox is snow white. Blondes, brown haired women and brunettes can easily find a fur coat in a colour that enhances their beauty and individuality.

Giyilebilir ve pratik tilki montları

Wearable and practical fox coats

Fox fur coats are great to wear and last a long time. They protect against the cold and are not afraid of moisture. The beautifully fluffy fur quickly regains its appearance after crumpling, even if you've ridden in public transport during rush hour.

Fox furs fit and please everyone.

Fox fur is fluffy, soft and cosy. It is pleasant to wear and very beautiful with its bright colour and nice sheen. It can be used to make a short sheepskin coat with a hood, a waistcoat or a luxurious flowing mantle to the floor. This is why fox fur coats are favoured by ladies of all ages.

Fox coats visually slim their owners.

Fox fur has a dense undercoat and long, but soft scruffy hair, so fox fur products do not create unnecessary volume, flow over the silhouette and look luxurious and puffy. In a fox fur coat, a woman of any build looks slimmer and more elegant.

A fox fur coat is a perfect gift from Turkey at an optimal price. It will keep its owner warm during cold weather, does not require special care and creates a wonderful mood every day.