Where to buy leather mackintoshes and coats for women in Turkey?

Buy women's leather mackintoshes from our Istanbul Leather Fur chain of shops in all the resort towns of Turkey:

İstanbul, Antalya , Alanya, Marmaris, Side, Kemer.

Leather coats are spectacular, chic, elegant and stylish outerwear for women. Many women's leather coats are combined with suede, fur and alpaca wool fabrics. Modern lambskin inserts add warmth and nobility to coats.

Genuine leather overcoats lend the wearer personality, solidity and modernity. We offer classic pieces as well as models based on the latest fashion trends. They are timeless classics of excellent quality that are always in fashion.

Kadınlar için deri mackintoshes

Leather mackintoshes for women

Women's leather mackintoshes are very practical, comfortable to wear, stylish to look at, accentuate the wearer's taste and are therefore a firm favourite of the lovely half of humanity. You will love our stylish models, as we keep up with fashion and the latest trends. Models come in different silhouettes, sizes and colours. Excellent quality at a reasonable price.