Türkiye'de deri kıyafetleri nereden satın alabilirim?

Where can I buy leather clothing in Turkey?

Our fur and leather clothing shops are located in all the tourist centres of Turkey -

İstanbul, Antalya , Alanya, Marmaris, Side, Kemer.

Leather clothing is always comfortable, even if you live in a region with a big difference in the daily temperature. Leather jackets and mackintoshes are the most popular with our customers. Book a free transfer to your nearest leather and fur salon on our website. A minibus will bring you to the shop and take you back to your hotel or other tourist destination in the resort.

Kadınlar için deri kıyafetler

Leather clothing for women

Our shops offer stylish, status-conscious leather clothing for men and women. A wide selection of leather goods will not leave any customer indifferent!

We offer to buy high-quality clothes produced by Turkish factory Istanbul Leather Fur. All outerwear is made on modern equipment to high standards, using European materials.

You can be sure that leather jackets, coats, jackets and coats bought from us will last a long time, be warm and comfortable to wear.

The stylish design by Italian couturiers will give your image a special charm.

Doğal deri giysiler

Natural leather clothing

Let's talk a little about types of leather. Different types of leather are used in sewing leather garments, depending on the purpose of the garment and the model chosen. Below is a description of the types of leather most commonly used in women's clothing.

Of course, many types of leather and methods of dressing are used in sewing both men's and women's clothing. The choice of rawhide depends on the type of leather you want for your garment.

Rugan deri

Patent leather

Glossy patent leather products are very smart and durable. They are eye-catchers and appreciated for their durability, resistance to dirt and moisture and almost maintenance-free. Patent leather jackets in different colours create a variety of looks for their owners.

Dana derisi


Soft and dense, flexible calfskin is used for many women's clothing and footwear designs. Products made from calfskin are very hard-wearing, durable and long-lasting. Calfskin is also successfully used for men's elegant clothing in classic and modern cuts, leather jackets, coats, jackets and leather coats.

Likralı deri

Lycra leather

Laika is a fine, soft, natural leather of special workmanship, tanned with alum and fat. It is used in the manufacture of elegant clothes, mainly classic cuts for women and in the manufacture of fine, expensive and comfortable gloves for women and men. Leica leather has a nice discreet satin sheen that shines in the light. Laika stretches and drapes well and restores its shape easily afterwards. Laika leather is much loved by women for its lightness, softness, warmth and comfort.