Natural fur coats and leather clothing in Antalya

Leather and fur natural outerwear never goes out of fashion. It's an opportunity to always look stylish and expensive, to draw attention to yourself and show your status. In Antalya, it's easy to buy a beautiful, inexpensive women's fur coat or sheepskin coat if it's made in the Istanbul Leather Fur factory.

Türkiye'de kadınlar için kürk mantolar

Fur coats for women in Turkey

Fur and leather clothes for women are presented on 4 floors of the shopping centre. You will find beautiful natural fur coats and elegant sheepskin coats for women, women's leather jackets and mackintoshes.

Sable fur coats and mink fur coats are always popular with our beautiful female customers, who prefer high quality and status. 

Chinchilla fur coats, lynx fur coats and fox fur coats are for the lovers of luxurious looks. Karakul and astragan fur coats, as well as fur coats, create an elegant and modern look for the modern lady.

Double-sided sheepskin coats and fur jackets are designed for a dynamic life in the metropolis.

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Deri mackintoshes ve kürk ceketler

Leather mackintoshes and fur jackets


Men's jackets are the most popular, high-quality and practical outerwear for men, which you can buy in Turkey. Our shops from the manufacturer offer leather and fur jackets for men for all seasons: lightweight summer versions of thin leather or suede, with and without perforations; jackets with fur and leather trim, designed for cool weather, demi-season and winter models.

Double-sided jackets look very stylish and fashionable, allowing you to change your image in a matter of seconds. Their inner side can be fur, suede or fabric, while the outer side is made of genuine leather. Or is it the other way round?

Classic men's leather mackintoshes and wool coats with fur are a great solution to set the right style for business men and a reliable protection against bad weather.

Designer finishing of men's models is very diverse - weaving, embroidery, leather details and accessories. Discounts up to 30%, manufacturer's warranty 2 years

Bizden satın almanın faydaları

The benefits of buying from us

- A comfortable environment: You can look at the entire range in peace and quiet, try everything on and decide on a garment.
- Only the best quality leather and fur products, as we use rawhide from the renowned manufacturers Levinson, Emelda, Best, Punto and Bilgin's for our sewing.
- We offer fur coats made of lynx, mink,strakhan, chinchilla and fox.
- Men's and women's jackets and mackintoshes are made of kid, cowhide and buffalo leather.
- You can also buy a model of exotic leather, such as crocodile or snakeskin jackets.
- These are complemented by bags and other accessories.
The product you choose in Antalya will be unique and no one can compare or compete with you.

Bir kürk manto için İstanbul'a mı gitmem gerekiyor?

Do I have to go to Istanbul for a fur coat?

Some customers believe that you have to go to Istanbul to shop, because they believe that the lowest prices can only be found there. Is this true? At our showroom in Antalya, you won't have to overpay! You can see the full range of famous leather and fur factories and choose your favourite model without a trip to Istanbul. You don't even have to worry about transport as we'll send a car to pick you up from your hotel and take you back.