Türkiye'de vizon palto nereden alınır?

Where to buy a mink coat in Turkey?

When you are on holiday, you can buy a mink fur coat from the manufacturer Istanbul Leather Fur at an advantageous price.

Our fur and leather clothing shops are located in all the resort towns of sunny Turkey:

İstanbul, Antalya , Alanya, Marmaris, Side, Kemer.

Turkish fur shops offer very attractive prices for clothes compared to Europe and Russia - fur coats are 25-30% cheaper.

Mink fur coats for women

Mink fur coats are an indicator of the spouse's status and the owner's good taste. Mink fur is one of the most valuable. The spectacular shine, softness, lightness and warmth of mink fur coats are greatly appreciated by people living in colder countries. Mink fur coat will be a favorite outerwear in the wardrobe of any woman. It is the most desirable purchase for most women, as a mink coat is not only a outerwear against the cold, but also an opportunity to emphasise their natural attractiveness and charm.

Kürk ve deri giyim mağazaları zinciri

A chain of fur and leather clothing shops

Our network of shops offers customers the highest level of service. You will be met by a consultant who speaks your native language and will show you all the collections on display.

The showrooms for the sale of natural fur coats, sheepskin coats, leather jackets and mackintoshes are air-conditioned. Each shop has excellent seating areas.

You can rest assured that you are buying high quality clothing.

Doğal vizon kürk manto imalatı

Manufacture of natural mink fur coats

Beautiful, lightweight and comfortable, quality and warm mink fur coats made by Istanbul Leather Fur are made from breeding and commercial mink skins purchased at the world's renowned fur auctions. All our skins have quality labels. Smooth and shiny, the mink fur coat looks very smart and attractive.

Mink fur dressing

. Alongside conventional mink coats, our favourite fur coats are made from plucked mink skins. The mink fur coat completely removes the hairs, leaving only the velvety undercoat. We also stock both sheared and polished mink. In the shearing process, the hairs are cut or laser cut to the desired length, while in the polishing process, the hairs are shaved off to under 1mm in height.

The method of sewing mink fur coats

. Mink fur coats come in one piece and split. The solid fur coats are made from the best rectangular sections of the pelt, and the second fur is cut into strips, using practically the entire pelt. Fur coats that are sewn in a split are no less beautiful and attract a variety of models, cuts and textures that one-piece pieces cannot boast. A real trend in recent seasons is cross-stitched fur coats, where the fur plates are sewn horizontally.

Vizon paltoların güzelliği ve pratikliği

The beauty and practicality of mink coats

Mink fur coats come in a variety of colours, from white, beige and grey to almost black. The most affordable are the classic brown coats, while the most expensive are the black ones.

As well as beauty and warmth, mink fur attracts with its practicality. The durability of mink fur coats is legendary. If properly stored, its fur coats will last for several decades, because mink fur is resistant to moisture and temperature variations.

Versatile mink fur coats

. A wide variety of short and long models with the most modern styles make mink fur coats attractive to young girls and mature beauties. Mink fur coats are warm and light and are great for both everyday wear and for going out. To buy a mink coat on holiday in Turkey is to bring home a warm and beautiful gift, a reminder of a carefree summer.

Our fur salons offer European mink fur coats, fur coats, fur capes and fur jackets for purchase.