Türkiye'de erkekler için kurt kürkü mont nereden alınır?

Where to buy wolf fur coats for men in Turkey?

You can buy men's fur coats from our Istanbul Leather Fur chain of shops in all resort towns of Turkey:

İstanbulAntalya AlanyaMarmarisSideKemer.

The model in the photo is wearing a wolf fur coat, cut to look like a jacket. Look how modern and stylish the masculine look is!

Wolf fur coats are not often seen in outerwear. More often wolf fur associates with old fairy tales and famous fantasy series. For a long time wolf fur coats have been worn mainly by the peoples of the North. In recent years wolf fur coats have started to gain fashion catwalks.

Men's wolf fur coats look very brutal. Spectacular wolf fur emphasizes man's charisma and reveals new facets of character.

Wolf fur is long, fluffy, and has stiff pointy hair. It gives wolf fur coats high wear resistance. Wolf fur is far superior to the fur of other fur-bearing animals and for protection against the cold. Wolf fur coats keep you warm in the harshest of cold weather.