Türkiye'de gerçek kürklü deri ceketleri nereden satın alabilirim?

Where can I buy leather jackets with real fur in Turkey?

Tüm tatil beldelerindeki İstanbul Deri Kürk mağazalar zincirimizden Türkiye'de tatildeyken gerçek kürklü kadın deri ceketleri satın alın:

İstanbul, Antalya , Alanya, Marmaris, Side, Kemer.

Fur jackets are among the top models of modern women's clothing. The jackets are made of genuine leather and fur at the factory in Istanbul and are very comfortable, warm and cosy.

Our designers have developed practical and functional styles of leather jackets with fur, which take into account everything - the desired volume, length and width of the sleeves and the jacket itself to roomy pockets. Reliable and stylish fasteners are made of sturdy hardware.

The fur jackets in our showrooms can be purchased at a very attractive price, as they come straight from the manufacturer.

Kadınlar için kürk ceketler

Fur jackets for women

Women's fur jackets are especially loved by active ladies who prefer a casual or sporty style in everyday life. Fur jackets are very handy for dynamic motor ladies. The so-called "car length" jackets allow you to quickly get into the driver's seat without fear of mashing the beautiful clothes. The comfortable collars and hoods provide extra protection against the weather.

Kadın deri ve kürk ceketler

Women's leather and fur jackets

Most fur jackets are created in small batches because it is difficult to find identical pelts and furs. Natural leather has its own colour and texture, and natural fur also has its own unique pattern.

The possibility of combining leather, different furs and suede makes it possible to create interesting designs. Very well combined in the design of fur jackets trim collar of the fur, different from the main. The same masters combine colours and material of sleeves, hoods, belts, pockets. The likelihood of meeting someone else wearing the same jacket is minimal.

In our shops you can find your own unique style. Professional consultants will help you find a style and lifestyle that suits your style and lifestyle.