Türkiye'de astragan kürk manto nereden alınır?

Where to buy astragan fur coats in Turkey?

Купить натуральную шубу из астрагана можно в сети наших магазинов от производителя «Istanbul Leather Fur» во всех курортных городах Турции:

İstanbul, Antalya , Alanya, Marmaris, Side, Kemer.

Many people wonder: what is astragan fur and what is it good for?

Modern fashion demands new materials that will allow the designers' ideas to be realised. We source the finest fine-wool merino sheepskin from Australia for coats and coats.

Astragan is a premium sheepskin fur with a thick, warm undercoat and a strong pile.

The advantages of dressing astragans.

Astragan fur combines the warmth of mouton with the lightness and beauty of karakulcha. Moisture resistant astragan fur does not pucker when worn and retains its attractiveness for a long time. Thin and warm astragan is an excellent material for creating clothes of the most modern cut. Natural fur is wonderfully combined: in our shops you will find estragans coats with marten, fox, lynx and other nice fur collars. The velvet structure, the unique moiré pattern of natural estragans is inimitable and allows you to create the most luxurious modern fur coats.

A free air-conditioned transfer will take you from your hotel to any of our leather and fur outerwear shops. We will also take you back for free to any place in the resorts of Turkey.

We will make sure that your purchase will be pleasant and enjoyable for years to come.

Elegant and warm astragan fur coats

It is the most expensive sheep fur, obtained, like Mouton, from high quality sheepskin by special processing, shearing the best sheep skins. Astragan coats are much more interesting than Mouton and are lighter in weight. Astragan shearing is short - after treatment the pile length is 5-8 mm. At the same time, the coat stays very warm - because only those pelts were selected that had the warmest undercoat and the curliest fur. The beautiful curls make the coat look like a karakulch. Due to such careful selection and processing of furs, astragan fur coats are very warm, lightweight, form beautiful folds when worn, and look very elegant.

Modaya uygun astragan kürk mantolar

Fashionable astragan fur coats

Astrogane is perfectly draped and combined with other furs. In this photo, the model shows a black astrogane coat with a marten collar and sleeves of dyed natural pony fur. Astroganian coats and jackets are made from high-quality natural fur, shine and shimmer beautifully in the sun.

The fur is perfectly dyed, and this property of astragan has opened wide possibilities for designers to create outer fur garments with unique designs, depth of colour, and unique texture.

Estragan skins are elastic and very durable. The fur is breathable and has a very high heat retention capacity.

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