Kürk süslemeli yün paltolar

Wool coats with fur trim

Warm women's coats made from luxury fabrics with fur collars and hoods are basic outerwear in the wardrobe of the beautiful half of humanity.

Our shops offer customers long classic models of fur coats for women and shortened modern fashionable coats for young girls. All coats are sewn with designer leather, suede, various types of fur.

Women's coats are provided with excellent fittings, durable and beautiful. All coats are very warm and designed for use in cool regions. Expensive wool fabrics are used for tailoring.

Our coat fabrics are made from warm cashmere, hypoallergenic alpaca wool and other natural animal fibres. We also use Merino wool, Lambswool and Camel's wool in the premium range.

Kürklü alpaka palto

Alpaca coat with fur

Alpaca wool is the natural fur shorn from the alpaca, an animal of the camel family that lives in the high Andes. Alpaca fur is used to create a natural fibre for premium fabrics. Alpaca fur is soft, silky to the touch, and very durable. It is qualitatively different from the widespread sheep fur. Alpaca fur is hypoallergenic, as it does not contain lanolin. Alpaca fur is warmer than sheep fur, it does not prickle, and has natural water repellency. Modern fashion designers every year to improve the models of coats made of alpaca. The best novelties you can buy in our shops.

Kürklü kaşmir palto

Cashmere coat with fur

Cashmere coats are a luxury classic that never goes out of fashion.

We have cashmere coat collections, a warm and delicate woollen fabric created from the soft undercoat of highland goats. Cashmere is fine, soft and supple to the touch, and light and warm to wear.

The refined luxury of cashmere is designed for both men and women. Cashmere coat keeps you warm in bad weather, comfortable to wear and makes you feel exquisite on the catwalks.

The fur trim on cashmere coats gives them status and splendour.