Where can I buy reversible fur jackets for women in Turkey?

Buy women's leather reversible jackets with genuine fur on holiday in Turkey from our Istanbul Leather Fur chain of shops in all resort towns:

İstanbul, Antalya , Alanya, Marmaris, Side, Kemer.

Modern fashionable leather jackets for women have two front sides - a leather one, often with fur trim, and a second fur one with leather inserts. This design innovation allows for quick image changes and a new look every day. Pockets and fasteners are located on both sides of the jackets.

Despite the fact that the fit is the same on both sides, reversible jackets look like two different models due to the different base material and well chosen finishing.

In our fur and leather clothing shops in Turkey, you will find a variety of reversible jackets and sheepskin coats.

We offer our customers interesting solutions and affordable prices.

Fonksiyonel ve modaya uygun kadın kıyafetleri

Functional and fashionable women's clothing

The colours of both sides of the outerwear are varied - from bright and contrasting to monochrome models in which the design is created by differences in textures.

Double-sided garments are very practical and comfortable to wear. Double-sided jackets and sheepskin coats have a longer service life. Fur double-sided jackets for women are also doubly attractive because, depending on the weather and precipitation, you can hide the fur side inside and extend the life of the garment.

Kadın deri ve kürk ceketler

Women's leather and fur jackets

Most fur jackets are created in small batches because it is difficult to find identical pelts and furs. Natural leather has its own colour and texture, and natural fur also has its own unique pattern.

The possibility of combining leather, different furs and suede makes it possible to create interesting designs. Very well combined in the design of fur jackets trim collar of the fur, different from the main. The same masters combine colours and material of sleeves, hoods, belts, pockets. The likelihood of meeting someone else wearing the same jacket is minimal.

In our shops you can find your own unique style. Professional consultants will help you find a style and lifestyle that suits your style and lifestyle.