Türkiye'de erkek deri ceket nereden alınır?

Where to buy men's leather jackets in Turkey?

You can buy men's leather and fur jackets from our Istanbul Leather Fur chain of shops in all the resort cities of Turkey:

İstanbulAntalya AlanyaMarmarisSideKemer.

Leather jackets have been consistently favoured by several generations of men. 

No wonder, because it is one of the most comfortable and practical models of men's outerwear. In such clothes a man can not be afraid of rain, snow or wind. Leather jacket always looks stylish.

Jackets made of genuine leather can easily be combined with jeans and classic trousers. We stock many models of men's leather jackets. 

We stock genuine leather jackets as natural as the usual shades, as well as bright jackets for the modern young people. A wide size range, a variety of styles and styles allows each man to choose the right jacket in your wardrobe. You'll be happy with your purchase!

Erkekler için deri kıyafetler

Leather clothing for men

Leather clothing complements the austere image of the business man or allows you to express your originality and boldness. Leather mackintoshes, jackets, waistcoats and coats find fans among managers and bikers. Express yourself by purchasing stylish men's leather clothing made in Turkey! In your wardrobe, genuine leather will take a worthy place and will make a great ensemble with the rest of your clothes. A natural leather jacket of high quality will be in harmony with your entire wardrobe.