Türkiye'de çinçilla kürk mantolar nereden alınır?

Where to buy chinchilla fur coats in Turkey?

Luxury chinchilla fur coats will be a jewel in any woman's wardrobe. Many girls dream about them, but everyone can afford to buy such a beautiful status fur coat!

The presence of chinchilla fur in a woman's wardrobe will immediately raise her to a new high level.

Chinchilla fur belongs to the premium segment of fur products, is bought for going out and is rated among the three most expensive furs.

Buy a natural chinchilla fur coat in our network of shops from the manufacturer "Istanbul Leather Fur" in all the resort cities of Turkey:

İstanbul, Antalya , Alanya, Marmaris, Side, Kemer.

Yüksek kaliteli çinçilla kürkü

High quality chinchilla fur

So why are chinchilla fur coats so valued by connoisseurs?

Chinchilla fur is fine and delicate to the touch, silky and shiny. It has the ability to regain its appearance after mechanical deformation and when blown. Chinchilla fur is so dense that the bases of the fur hairs cannot be seen at any angle. The special structure of the pile and its density make chinchilla fur so valuable.

Soft and delicate Up to 80 fine fur hairs grow from a single hair follicle. There are no shaft hairs, only down hairs that are no more than 14 microns thick. That is why chinchilla fur cannot be compared with any other fur in terms of tenderness. It is very soft and silky to the touch.

Light, almost airy Chinchilla fur coats are very light and weightless. They are a pleasure to wear!

Cool fur Chinchilla fur keeps you cool, while rabbit fur quickly takes on the ambient temperature.

Odourless Live chinchillas have no sebaceous or sweat glands, so a chinchilla coat does not smell of anything. The absence of extraneous odours on the coat allows the beauty of its perfumed fragrances to be fully revealed.

The unique beauty of chinchilla fur

And of course, the most important thing of all. Chinchilla coats are very beautiful.

A distinctive feature of chinchilla fur coats is the iridescent wave effect. How is it achieved?

The chinchilla coats in our shops are manufactured by Istanbul Leather Fur. They are made from breeding chinchilla skins and are labelled with quality labels.

Our fur salons are located in all the tourist centres of Turkey. Buy chinchilla fur in Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Side, Kemer, Marmaris is very easy - just leave a request for a free transfer and professional consultants will do everything to make your purchase pleasant! Combine your holiday with a valuable purchase.