Fur coats at the height of fashion

Fur coats for women are sewn entirely from natural fur. They have gained popularity at the same time as the fur industry has grown in technology. The main difference between a fur coat and a classic fur coat is its silhouette. Fur coats are made with thin skins and specially sheared fur, which enables the finished fur coat to fit in well. Fur coats are very light and warm. Fur coats are made with skins that help to create an elegant silhouette and at the same time keep warmth in the coat. For trimming collars, sleeves, pockets and edges of fur coats more luxurious natural furs are used, which increases the resemblance to classic coat models.

Kürk ve deri kombinasyonlu paltolar

Combination coats with fur and leather

Modern fashionable coats for women are made from a variety of materials. The main ones are natural fur, suede and leather, which are combined according to the fashion designer's taste.

Fur coats are often supplemented with leather, suede and woolen inserts. Combinations of different furs are used. As a result we get a fresh design model of a limited edition coat at the factory.

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