Türkiye'de erkekler için yılan derisi ceketleri nereden satın alabilirim?

Where can I buy snakeskin jackets for men in Turkey?

You can buy men's leather and fur jackets from our Istanbul Leather Fur chain of shops in all the resort cities of Turkey:

İstanbulAntalya AlanyaMarmarisSideKemer.

Men's snakeskin jackets exude understated brutality and style. The unique pattern and predatory scales of snakeskin call on others to respect the wearer. To own such clothes means to be an experienced traveller and a connoisseur of the real thing.

Such status clothes are appropriate both at serious talks in the office and at leisure places - in clubs, restaurants, at resorts - everywhere they look expensive and arouse respect of people around. 
Snakeskin jackets are durable and resistant to abrasion. Even after many years of wear, a snakeskin jacket does not lose its appeal, but takes on a worn-out chic style.

Erkek yılan derisi ceketler

Men's snakeskin jackets

Men's snakeskin jackets are a very striking and understatedly expensive item in the wardrobe of young and established men. Snakeskin gives the outerwear models both elegance and austerity. While remaining classic in style, men's snakeskin jackets look very unusual and eye-catching. The reptile scales and the original pattern form a unique design and style created by nature itself.