Sable fur coats at attractive prices

Buy sable fur coats in the resorts of Turkey is very profitable, because the prices of fur coats in our fur shops are significantly lower than in Europe and Russia - by 25-30% due to direct sales from the factory Istanbul Leather Fur. Sable furs are made from breeding and industrial sable skins, purchased at world famous fur auctions. All our furs have quality labels.

The popularity of sable furs and sable products is not accidental!

Türkiye'de samur kürk manto nasıl satın alınır?

How to buy sable fur coats in Turkey?

Buy a natural sable fur coat in our network of Istanbul Leather Fur shops in all the resort towns of Turkey:

İstanbul, Antalya , Alanya, Marmaris, Side, Kemer.

Sable fur coats are some of the most expensive and beautiful furs available.

Fluffy, durable and sparkling sable fur does not leave the most demanding fashionistas indifferent. Changing styles and styles, colours and models of fur coats, but the fashion for sable fur will never pass!

In Russia, sable fur coats were available only to royalty, the noblest boyars and wealthy merchants. The quantity, quality and length of a sable fur coat indicated the place of its owner in society, and his wealth. Sable furs were called soft gold for a reason, because one could pay with sable fur skins everywhere, just like with precious metals.

Sable furs are always in fashion.

Sable fur coats are always at the peak of fashion, because they are beautiful, comfortable and status. The current collections include models for all age groups of customers, from the very young and energetic to the business ladies.

Our shops offer a wide range of sable furs. No fair maiden would be able to resist the range on offer.

To buy a sable fur coat means to feel like a real queen and a winner of hearts.

Samur kürkü: <br> doku ve renk

Sable fur:
texture and colour

The quality and colour of the fur depend on the habitat and breed of the animals.

The Tobolsk sable has cream-coloured fur and is large in size.

The Altai sable is a dark-coloured pelt with a variety of shades.

The Sayan variety is brownish-brown and the Vitim variety is almost black.

The Kamchatka sable is a large sable with a thick but rather tough fur.

The most expensive and beautiful fur is that of the Barguzin sable, as its fur comes in a variety of colours, including chocolate with a blue tint or grey.

Samur kürk mantoların güzelliği ve lüksü

The beauty and luxury of sable fur coats

First and foremost, the amazing beauty of sable fur and its ineffable lustre are alluring. The owner of a luxurious sable coat needs no advertising. Her affluence and exquisite taste are beyond doubt.

The unique texture of sable fur

The softness, lustre, variety of sable skins attracts coat manufacturers and makes it possible to use the skins in their natural form. The beauty of sable fur inspires fashion design houses of internationally renowned brands. Sable skins can regularly be found in the collections of Fendi, Chanel, Gianfranco Ferre.


Sable fur is not only beautiful, but also has a high thermal insulation capacity and resistance to wear. Properly stored, a sable fur coat will last at least twenty years.