Where can I buy double-sided sheepskin coats for women in Turkey?

Buy genuine leather and fur double-sided sheepskin coats for women in Turkey from our Istanbul Leather Fur chain of shops in all resort towns:

İstanbul, Antalya , Alanya, Marmaris, Side, Kemer.

Double-sided sheepskin coats are another new fashion trend. This outerwear has a fur and a suede side. The sheepskin coats are made of perfectly finished sheepskin. Buttons and pockets are located on both sides. Double-sided sheepskin coats not only perfectly protect from the cold, they allow you to easily change the style to suit your mood. Colour solution of the front and back sides of sheepskins can be contrasting or similar in colour, complemented by leather trim, fur collar or hood.

Want to update? Just turn the sheepskin coat inside out - you'll get a new fur coat or coat with fur. Double-sided sheepskin coats are made at Istanbul Leather Fur in Istanbul for both women and men. Double-sided sheepskin coats are a very modern solution for young people. It is pleasant to wear and allows you to create a variety of interesting fashion looks.