Türkiye'de vaşak kürkü nereden alınır?

Where to buy lynx fur coats in Turkey?

Buy a natural lynx fur coat in our network of Istanbul Leather Fur shops in all the resort towns of Turkey:

İstanbul, Antalya , Alanya, Marmaris, Side, Kemer.

Lynx coats are wonderfully soft, rare and expensive furs. Their incredible beauty, variety and rarity determines the demand for these premium fur coats and overcoats. Lynx fur coats are available in all models and styles, and can be easily combined with other types of trimmings. More than one fashionista dreams of a lynx coat, despite the rather high cost of the products.

Premium quality fur in all Istambul Leather Fur shops

The lynx fur coats presented in our fur shops are made of bred and harvested lynx skins using Istanbul Leather Fur's equipment. Furs are purchased from world renowned fur auctions. All fur garments are labelled with quality labels.
Our fur and leather clothing shops are located in all the resort towns of sunny Turkey. You can also buy fur coats, fur capes and fur jackets with lynx fur trim. We sell directly from the factory, so the prices of fur clothing are lower by 25-30% compared to similar clothing in Europe and Russia.

Vaşak kürkünün avantajları nelerdir?

What are the advantages of a lynx coat?

The distinguishing features of lynx fur coats include more than just their beauty and rarity.

The warmth of lynx fur: The fluffy, thick fur of the lynx is an excellent protection against the cold. In such a fur coat you won't freeze in the harshest of frosts.

Lightness of lynx fur: Lynx products are very light, so they do not constrain movements, do not put pressure on shoulders, and do not weigh down the silhouette.

Durability of lynx fur coats: With proper care, a lynx fur product will last more than one year, despite the fact that the animal's fur is quite delicate.

Variety of colours: Light speckled lynx fur coats are the most popular, but there are other lovely colours available. Spanish lynx has light speckled fur, Canadian lynx has white markings on a greyish-reddish background, the Euroasian variety is not so spotted and has a reddish or smoky colouring.

Gerçek vaşak kürkü ile sahtesi arasındaki farkı nasıl anlayabilirim?

How can I tell the difference between good genuine lynx fur and fake?

Lynx fur is quite expensive and rare, so you need to pay careful attention to some points when choosing a product:

- Delicate lynx fur is not subject to shearing, you can only buy a fluffy product.

- Lynx fur coats are never dyed, only natural fur of natural colour is used.

- All seams should be smooth and neat.

- When you run your hand or tissue over the item, no lint is left on them.

The fur coats offered in our shops have the appropriate quality certificates, so there is no risk of fakes. The lynx fur is available in a wide range from a lovely fur coat to a luxurious evening coat. The only problem a fashionable woman may face is which fur coat to buy. Should you buy two different models?